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Safe-Vac®’s HVE Dental Products are the new standard for High Volume Evacuation

By using Safe-Vac’s HVE dental products, a dentist can deliver safer and more efficient dental care to their patients. In addition, Safe-Vac also aides during many dental procedures.

Safe-Vac® is almost identical in its dimensional specifications as the current standard HVE units in the market, but incorporates many beneficial features. These features enhance the functionality and safety of HVE. Safe-Vac is precision engineered, quality driven, made from FDA approved (non-latex) materials, and is manufactured in the USA. Safe-Vac is a single use disposable unit that has a soft, yet rigid cushioned tip designed to prevent tissue trauma. Safe-Vac also incorporates an internal screen to prevent time consuming blockages and loss of certain dental restorative components. This screen also aides in many dental procedures. Safe-Vac is also available without the internal screen: Safe-Vac Standard~Soft tip prevents tissue trauma while maintaining the traditional HVE style. Large obstructions which would have blocked the standard HVE units can now be removed with Safe-Vac and disposed of properly. The auxiliary simply has to remove the suction from the mouth, turn the suction off and dump the material out. This allows dentists to become more efficient during their dental procedures. To see how Safe-Vac can assist during certain dental procedures, please watch the video, below. Safe-Vac’s dental products were awarded Top HVE Tip of the Year for 2015 and 2014 by The Dental Advisor and 2013 Editors’ Choice Award. Safe-Vac’s HVE tips were also rated four diamonds by Contemporary Product Solutions in 2013. Read The Dental Advisor Review and Contemporary Product Solutions’ review online. Safe-Vac HVE tips are available at all major dental instruments and dental supplies distributors.
Safe-Vac Dental Instruments

By utilizing Safe-Vac Dr. Jessy and his team were able to provide comfortable care to make my experience even more pleasurable.

Matt Maltese

Patient of Dr. Jessy Sidhu

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